100% Hotel Show Stand 1

Location: Athens

The stand of the Box architects firm for the 100% hotel show 2016 exhibition is influenced by the traditional Japanese, pi-shaped gates Torri, which are met in the entrances of sanctuaries and are usually made of wood. It consists of five gates/trusses which create an imaginary rectangular parallelepiped 5x15x4m. and define the space where the lighting fixtures will be placed.

The structure’s perimeter is open and roofed by a complex of four hyperbolic paraboloids. These are put one after the other and are made of a lighting fixture cable, which is placed lengthwise. The whole structure’s purpose is to simulate the booth’s space with the rooms of an alleged residence, where the respective lighting fixtures are placed.

Design Team:
Dimitris Pavlou, Sonia Savurdic

Panagiotis Baxevanis

30 Vasileos Konstantinou Ave
11635 Athens, Greece

T +30 210 7217145

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