The Buba restaurant

Location: Athens

Studio Noh team has upgraded the building and the interior of an eclectic Villa of 1920's to a restaurant, in North Athenian suburb-Kifissia, using as a predominant material the American walnut but also a palette of Italian marble and Greek granite to complement the original Neobyzantine building.

"Materials were reinvented into the space to encourage nostalgia of the site's heritage". Kifissia Villas were used as second houses for the upper class Athenians, they characterize a specific phase of the recent Greek history, where the wealthy Greeks of Diaspora returned to Athens, bringing along their capitals, their refined Europeanized mentality and education.

Studio Noh was required to integrate 21-century aesthetics and technologies without altering the original structure of the villa, which has also been apart from a house, a clothing store before becoming a restaurant in 2012.

Design Team:
Dimitris Pavlou, Tasos Kosmas, Nancy Antoniou

Panagiotis Baxevanis

30 Vasileos Konstantinou Ave
11635 Athens, Greece

T +30 210 7217145

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