Coffee And Cocktail Bar

Location: Athens

The purpose of the study was to design a restaurant that could be seen as a reminder with a strong element of tropical vegetation.

The site is located on a busy hub in the region with a lot of traffic and noise. Introversion, as a way of designing, was selected with plants that on the one hand hide the interior space achieving the desired privacy and on the other hand allow the view of the adjacent square. Plants work as a sound-reducing means, creating a sense of calm in a heavily charged environment.

The architectural study sought for elements that along with dense planting will determine the identity of the site. The basic materials used are wood (American walnut) and marble (Tinos). The structures of all the lighting (bar/ceiling and the marble face) are mainly handmade, giving a sense of individuality in the field. The single wooden roof with its 3-d prismatic elements projected architectural and connects the individual functional units of the restaurant.

Design Team:
Dimitris Pavlou

Panagiotis Baxevanis

30 Vasileos Konstantinou Ave
11635 Athens, Greece

T +30 210 7217145

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