The sushi bar restaurant

Location: P. Faliro

The architects were asked to redesign the corporate profile, to develop a new restaurant revealing not only the functional but also the morphological constraints of the already known company’s characteristics. An effort was made to identify the main functional and morphological elements of the company’s profile. The aim on the one hand, was to preserve the elements that attribute to the project characteristics of the established company identity and on the other hand, enrich the whole concept with a series of innovative ideas without losing sight of the fact that preparation of Japanese food requires utmost attention and special focus on details. In order to give emphasis to the abovementioned meticulous food preparation architects selected state-of-the-art construction methods and craftsman techniques in a very careful manner requiring hence, great accuracy upon application and fitting.

Design Team:
Dimitris Pavlou, Tasos Kosmas

Erieta Attali

30 Vasileos Konstantinou Ave
11635 Athens, Greece

T +30 210 7217145

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